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    October 29, 2013
    5:30 - 6:01am PDT  

suspects linked to a car bombing. hello. welcome back to the newsroom. i am claire price. a controversial tax has been scrapped in france. the prime minister announced it a short while ago after meeting on the eco-tax, a law designed to cut the number of -- a tax
designed to cut the number of trucks on the road. we're joined now by stephen cowell on the business desk. the government expected to reduce it, not scrapped it. >> indeed, quite a surprise. the government said they would not get rid of the tax but delaying it, perhaps changing the rates. heavy goodsx on vehicles. certain parts of the french roads. it would chart up to $.15 per kilometer under the plan am a which was due to come into force january of next year. this was conceived by the previous government and had fallen on the shoulders of shoulder.ollande's particularly from the outlying pariss, particularly like where resolve violent protests over the weekend where farmers, particularly and small businesses were worried this alreadycrease the
waning margins in the wake of the financial crisis. government has made some changes to the law earlier this year. they delayed implementation credit. now talking about scrapping it altogether. >> an appeals court has overturned rulings were saying to hardware chains to close their doors on sundays. >> this was cast around for chains that work forced to close their door. trading is very restrictive, only under certain conditions and certain areas. representing areas have taken companies to court to try to stop them from opening sunday. the vast majority of workers saying they did want to learn sunday because they earn more money. have fromruling we the court of appeal in paris has overturned the decision. willf the three chains
still be forced to close its doors. the teen of the stores affected will legally be open on sundays. some continue to open, risking huge fines. debate, theof this french government said they would re-examine the laws around sunday trading under the conditions of the financial crisis and whether they needed to be changed. >> thank you very much. new taxes are among many of the reasons the new french president of -- very unpopular. only 26% of french people are satisfied with his work. his popularity rating -- popularity reading as low as 23% and another poll. or more, we speak to jim shields. we stick to jim
shields. why is he so unpopular? >> he is facing a number of declining things. low business and consumer confidence. we could go on and on. these are not factors conducive to the economic recovery. he promised during the election campaign. lack ofproblem is the honesty in the campaign when the real economic challenge is something he did not address. there seems to be a denial of promises of pr austerity is not the only way out of france's economic problems. >> we just had the eco-tax scrapped. will that help the president the more popular when he goes against what he has decided in the face of protest? >> the problem with unpopularity
is it tends to take on its own dynamic. can pass politicians the point of no return. nicolas sarkozy found this when he was president. francois hollande's misfortunes have been building up over the past year and a half. i think one decision, one event popular prevent that view. >> thank you for joining us. judge iswhere the presiding and have recuse themselves. the muslim brotherhood ritual leader and deputies are accused -- accused of inciting violence four months ago. for now, catherine staveley. judges withdrawn from the case? >> continuing with the crisis.
they said it was a matter of confidence. they had to do this before the start of the hearing. that means the case is back to square one. new judges will have to be assigned. judges were ordered the defendants had to be kept in custody while that happened. the muslim brotherhood and supreme guide and two deputies 30,charged with killing jim the day there were such huge protests. protests, clashes were supporters and opponents outside at the muslim headquarters. at least eight people were killed in the clashes. the judges recusing themselves and high-profile cases has happened here before, certainly in the case of poznan mubarak --
hosni mumbarak. so we have seen this before here. >> there has been a real crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. what is the latest on the effort to remove him? >> the muslim brotherhood led the national alliance of legitimacy they call themselves. coming out and protesting today against the authority, who they say are interfering in the work of the judges. so far we have not seen the protests happen yet. protesters are protesting every day, although the numbers are dropping every day. there is a general theme that the country is bracing itself. mohamed morsi will face trial next week.
the country is gearing up or who areld be a showdown saying they intend to try to stop the trial from happening. thank you very much. reporting from cairo. staying in egypt, the top prosecutor has ordered an investigation into a complaint that he harmed national interest in his first program of the season. it was seen as a test case for freedom of speech after the military took power in july. john stewart mocked the regime. the decision to launch a probe could be a preview to possible action against him, such as questioning and possible trial. judges in the hague have rejected law against pretrial detention. the former ivory coast president has been incarcerated for nearly two years.
judges have yet to confirm his indictment and order him to stand trial. into after car plowed racing's crowded square, we are getting reports that chinese government suspecting a suicide attack after police identified two ethnic leaders being linked to a car crash in which 35 were killed. -- five were killed. >> confusion follows the square incident and china went in the finger at possible separatist. in hotels inated beijing looking for two men of wigor dissent. a website called it a prominent intellectual who cautioned against using the incident to the midsize the ethnic group. yet bed it could not
described as a terrorist attack. monday suspected attacks of china's most symbolic site when a car plowed into a car -- when a car plowed into a crowd and killed five equal. >> it is hard to explain. the car just seem to have appeared. no one noticed this. we were standing there and came toward us. i moved to the side and the car rushed past. later it seemed to be on fire. only when we were far away that i look act and thought it was on fire. then the police came in. the incident provoked a nervy reaction from chinese officials who forced social media websites to take down autographs. the last major incident relating to this province was a riot in june, which claimed the lives of
five people. >> leading onto barack obama's to an ever widening spying scandal. spain became the latest country to summoned the u.s. ambassador. comment onnt did not specific allegations but said national security obligations are being assessed. a facing the fallout from spying scandal that has already strained relations with some of his closest allies, the u.s. president rigs his silence, saying he now needs to re- examine the powers of the national security agency. is the pathave seen of the -- capacity seem to develop and expand it so i am issuing a review to say that what they are able to do is not necessarily what they should be doing. follows fresh weeks from edward snowden, which indicate the agency eased drops on over
30 world leaders. mr. obama has not commented on any specific allegations. something one of his key senate allies has already proposed. >> with respect to the collection of intelligence, some leaders of u.s. allies, including france, aim, mexico and germany but let me state unequivocally i am totally opposed. >> another group in washington who are also dissatisfied, a delegation of the eeu leaders. they say trust needs to be rebuilt and will be looking for more answers when they meet over the next two days. >> thank you for watching "f rance 24." ♪
>> the paris masters first round. starting brightly. the first set next to an unanswered break. the pair met in the 2012 australian open. the frenchman could not pressure his opponents, missing the three chances at a second set. converting two of his own to win comfortably 6-4. next up, another frenchman. what a day it approved for a little-known frenchman and a first round. ranks 189 in the world. match.ed the having the best year on the circuit. win.d not show after 6-2 getting ready for the win of his
life. the final masters one thousand title is up for grabs as the men's tennis elite rather in paris. rafe on the doll is the comeback king of the year. is the comeback king of the year. he is aware of his rivals fall. he always plays unbelievable. keep playing well here. the serbian back to his best in asia as he beat his opponent on the way to china. he wanted a bit more from 2013. >> even though i had a few quite
, the semi finals and the u.s. open, i still am pretty satisfied with the year, even though i think i should have played better at the event throughout the year. >> he will battle it out in paris to end the year at number one. others like roger ferriter -- better or -- roger federer still trying to reach the championship. on madrid applying more pressure with a win. cannot deal with expectations. barcelona were favorites when we played on the opening match of the season.
we can before our that the match, even the 10th. if nothing bad happens, we will continue to be favorites until the end of the campaign. are favorites for every tournament we compete in because of the history of the talented squad we have at our -- disposal. his lead add to against royale. more interested in what the fourth time message says for the team. >> i do not worry about whether leo is scoring or not. contribution to the team is always important. i thought his performance the other day was very good.
so from inside, we do not see any problem. his presence is always comforting for all of us. barcelona will have to do without a player. spiritsin high following the win over the weekend. vladimir putin has insisted everyone would be welcome at the 2014 enter olympics, regardless of nationality, origin, or sexual orientation. this comes unexpectedly who was seemingly reaction -- reacting to criticism from the west of being prejudiced against gays. he was addressing thomas back, the head of the international
olympic committee. >> a lot attention on president record lowllande, a in the opinion polls. it just gets worse. >> in the freefall in the opinion polls. how low can he go? was 26%, therating most unpopular president in recorded history. the records are from 1981, but that is still pretty bad for him. nicholas sarkozy did not even get that low.
the lowest he got was 2011 when france was at the heart of the economic crisis. he is really not doing so well. how can he get out of this -- quagmire? timing is crucial. a few months to go before the elections. what are his options? we look at a couple of them. do a government reshuffle or two dissolve the parliament, which means the socialists would lose the majority. or cleanup the socialist party. >> that is an interesting perspective. anger growing against him in the region of britain. upset about plans for a new road tax.
>> a lot of a first looking at this. happening.hat is you can see photographs taken where there were pilot clashes in brittany. the government trying to put out the fire. trying to find some sort of an honorable way out of this. has organizedster a meeting today to try to find a solution. tweakvernment likely to the tax a little bit. pointing out that agricultural work earners are crying about the tax, but they already get our -- all sorts of tax breaks. pointing out that britney is an exceptional region. all sorts of advantages. according to locals, they deserve these because it is such an isolated region. the latest tax policy to come under fire.
>> that is right. tax revolts breading. -- spreading. resortsseen resort -- going on. owing on strike to protest the 75% tax rate. followingof people suit with this tax revolt. they say this is spreading to small businesses, retailers, etc.. upset about the tax harassment, barry i let words about taxes. a quiet about this anymore. also, representatives have said they will take action against the government before the end of the year. >> not all taxes. vocus thing on spillover effects of the syrian civil war. this is a neighbor in lebanon. >> that is right. said to be overwhelmed by the syrian crisis.
over one million have poured into lebanon and threatening the very fragile balance and peace. onorting round the district the border between syrian and lebanon. reporting from the syrian district on the border between syria and and lebanon. basically systems help the regime spy on opposition forces. these companies are under investigation and france. , this is in slate. >> that is right. people often wonder what a will die up. slate takes a look at what you could have died of act in the day. they have pulled together archives with using historians putarchaeologists and together a timeline where they
have looked at the last couple of decades and takes away -- takes a look at when you could have died in. 1902, you would have died from a very diamond -- five at death. you can also look at how things of all over the years. some sort of the infectious disease. sort of respiratory disease. as you go down the timeline, diseases going towards poison. a morbid article. quite fascinating today. thank you. the french newspapers and french website.
months the past few egypt has been tightening the gaza's neck. shutting down the tunnels that run between territories. the palestinian tunnel workers takes is 12 meters below the ground. he wants to show us this. >> there is not one tunnel working at the border between gaza and egypt. all we can do now is clean them by pulling out dirt. i pray to god they change their mind. tons of merchandise including weapons used to be brought to the strip year.-- here.
the egyptian forces -- sits on the other side of the fence have turned one of the busiest parts of gaza into a ghost town. at the only official crossing between the palestinian crossing and egypt, very few travelers are allowed through. tempers often flare. >> many of those in line -- online say they have been stranded since june. we're just waiting here. what else can we do? every other day we pay for tickets, come here and get some act. -- gets sent back. all of these problems started
after morsi was ousted. government accuses the islamist party ruling in gaza, associated with the muslim brotherhood of trying to destabilize egypt. here described themselves as collateral victims of the situation. >> they are afraid of us because of the problems in their country. we have nothing to do with it. >> egypt's decision to frequently close the only official gateway to the territory that bypasses israel and the destruction of the tunnels have palestinians in gaza complaining that they are now under two different blockade